Paperfold JS

3d Paperfold Animation Library

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Download paperfold.js Download paperfold.min.js


Include jQuery and paperfold.js in your site.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="/path/to/paperfold.js"></script>

Call paperfold on the container you want to fold and bind the fold interaction to a button or any other interaction.

$(function() {
	var paperfold = $('.hidden').paperfold();



Method Description
open() Open the paperfold.
close() Close the paperfold.
toggle() Toggle the paperfold.
percentage(0..1) Set the fold to a percentage.


Options Default Description
duration 240 Animation duration in ms
maxFoldHeight 200 Maximal fold height in pixels. Paperfold will slice even sized cuts based on this maximal fold height.
folds null Alternative to maxFoldHeight. Paperfold will slice the content into this amount of folds.
perspective '1000px' The 3D CSS perspective value. A smaller value maxes the depth effect more extreme.
topShadow 'linear-gradient(transparent, rgba(0,0,0,.5))' The shadow for the top sides. This shadow will fade from 1 to 0 opacity.
bottomShadow 'linear-gradient(rgba(0,0,0,.5), transparent)' The shadow for the bottom sides. This shadow will fade from 1 to 0 opacity.
isOpen false Defines if the content should initially be open (true) or closed (false). If the content is initially not open, you should prevent the content from beeing visible before paperfold gets activated by adding a display: none via CSS.
onProgress $.noop A progress callback function. Passes a percentage parameter (0-1) from closed to open
stayInPlace false If activated, paperfold will try to keep scroll-position in place while animating.


Paperfold JS is based on Paperfold CSS – a 3D CSS experiment from 2011.